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Rock’s Burger Challenge

ROCKStar Burger Challenge


The ROCKStar Burger Challenge. We like meat. We like challenges. This is how this idea was born. After daring each other to eat copious amounts of food on different occasions we asked ourselves if other people might like to get in on the action. The gluttons have answered, and answered with vigor. We’ve had hundreds of people try and a handful succeed.

If you want to see the look of victory look no further than the wall of fame at all locations. If you want to smell the stench of defeat there are graveyard stickers of all of the fallen. Are you ready? PS, if you’re looking for deals it’s a 4 pound monster. That 4 ROCKS burgers with all the trimmings and a pound of fries. (It’s 4500 calories so make sure it’s a cheat day)